Darrell Kelley

Darrell Kelley

If you take a tour of the South, Soul Delicious Grill and Buffet is the perfect place to discover your love for unique southern cuisines. The restaurant is quietly becoming Clayton County’s newest place to be, especially on Sunday’s after church. The restaurant features home cooked southern style food that’s deeply rooted in the traditions of the South along with heartwarming sounds of jazz, gospel and R&B in a comfortable atmosphere. Since its opening in 2013, Soul Delicious has become a staple in the community. It is a favorite spot to get great tasting home cooking with a friendly welcome. Owner Darrell Kelley has an entrepreneurial spirit, passion for cooking and a love for people. “I’m blessed because I get to create these environments families and friends can enjoy while dining out on some of our delicious down-home cooking.”

Kelley started his humble beginnings as an entrepreneur selling vacuum cleaners at an early age. He took that sales experience and started investing and flipping houses in the Boston area where he grew up. His investments later opened doors for creative financing strategies. Later, Kelley purchased, operated and sold several businesses from hotels to gas stations to restaurants. His love for people keeps him grounded in the restaurant business industry.

Kelley has always loved comfort foods and wanted to share the tasty recipes he grew up with. With the help of his head chef Betty Ridgeway, she adds the charm, warmth, professional experience and taste of traditional soul. “It’s what keeps customers coming back,” shared Kelley. “Soul food is all about family, fun, love and connection. It warms the soul and satisfies the stomach.”

Some say, the message behind the music inspires others, touches hearts, feeds the souls, and influences lives for the better. Soul Delicious has added that special touch for their guest enjoyment. The award winning Joseph Wheeler & The Sensations band connects with friends & family on Sunday’s delivering the uplifting sounds of gospel, jazz and R&B.

Kelley shares lessons learned to up and coming entrepreneurs. “Be ready to put in the hours and the work it takes to become successful and always take care of your employees, they are the face, hands and voice of your business, ” said Kelley. “ Make sure you understand the capital requirements of your business and always honor those requirements.”

His investments are ongoing with no sign of slowing down. In the coming months, Kelley plans to open two more restaurants in Morrow Georgia, one will be a fine dining restaurant the other a sports bar. “Clayton County provides an excellent environment for businesses serving the Atlanta Metro area,” shared Kelley. “Costs, availability of facilities, business friendly government helps make Clayton County home for me.”

Along with that, Kelley leads a tax exempt organization called SEPT Inc. (Saving Every Tender Penny Inc.). This organization helps the less fortunate through random acts of kindness. SEPT Inc. also operates a Thrift Store in Morrow, Georgia.