Dawson Lee

Dawson Lee

Mr. Lee emigrated from Beijing, China to Montreal, Canada in 1988. He brought with him a keen business sense and a commitment to discipline and efficiency. Since 1994 he has managed more than five thousand apartment units in the United States and Canada.

Mr. Lee’s vision allowed him to design Benimax’s business and portfolio structure to achieve strategic growth. As president, he is the driving force behind Benimax’s efforts to be a value-added housing creator with a superior customer service experience. Mr. Lee delivers results through execution and perseverance. His skill and determination gives Benimax a steady and wise hand to lead it into the future.

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  1. Hello Dawson and Lisa,

    I’m interested in buying investment properties. Do you have properties for sale or any recommendations? You can contact me at 404-610-2594.

    Thank you

    Sam Chen


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