Dr. SueLing Wang

Dr. SueLing Wang

Dr. Wang started his chemical factory (Headway Chemical) in Taiwan when he was only 22 (real young entrepreneur). The company currently hires more than two thousand employees in Asia. The entrepreneur blood helped him to find Gwinnett in 1989. That year, Dr. Wang came to Gwinnett to build a color toner factory for Colorocs, a color copier public company. In the last 25 years, Dr. Wang’s company, Color Imaging, was named one of the fast growing companies and its toner technology has made it possible to remanufacture the H.P. printer cartridges. It had created at least 10,000 entrepreneurs in both Europe and USA as well as many more in other continents, into the remanufacturing business of HP cartridges. Currently, 30% of HP cartridges are reused, saving billions of dollars and make our world greener.

Color Imaging, has 100 employees in Georgia, is also making generic toner cartridges to offer end user a second choice of expansive consumable parts.

Serving the community is an import habit of Dr. Wang. He had served many non-profit organizations including Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (president of North America Chamber), Asian American Commission of Georgia and Commission member of overseas Chinese Affairs. Taiwan.

Dr. Wang, a PhD in Chemical Engineering, is planning to invest Color Imaging Inc into a 1000 employee company during the next 5 years.

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