Felipe Barganier

Felipe Barganier

With regards to anything Felipe does he is selfless and a dedicated Leader, Father, Entrepreneur, and Visionary. Mr. Barganier is the CEO of GAB International LLC. He has worked in the financial services and insurance industry for over 16 years. He is a former financial advisor for the securities firm Waddell and Reed where he was one of the top advisors and helped to gain local exposure through local radio and churches. Felipe has been featured on 97.5 as a trusted advisor during a financial planning hour. He has also spoken and done seminars at churches throughout the GA market. He currently is an independent broker with 50 plus agents that concentrates primarily on Group benefits in the large group space. Felipe has been one of the top 100 agents and agencies with Colonial for 10 out of the 12 years that he has been affiliated with Colonial Life. GAB International has exceeded all annual goals for the past 8 years and most recently has learned that Felipe has qualified for the prestigious Leaders Conference for 2016 with Colonial as well as the MDC conference which he has qualified for the past eight years. Felipe is a member of the GGFOA, NFBPA, and GTA but has influence directly and indirectly through consultants and business partnerships with multiple influential individuals and entities.

Felipe attended college at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and is a native Atlantan. Felipe and his wife, Natasha have 5 children and reside in Sharpsburg, GA just south of Atlanta.

Mr. Barganier started GAB International LLC as a direct result of seeing that there was a need in the insurance industry to not just sell insurance to groups and individuals but to help employers and individuals make more informed decisions and help them contain cost.  GAB International is rapidly expanding and is a fast growing brand in the large group market and is currently expanding rapidly nationally as its reputation for excellence and no cost value added services within GA has garnered him national recognition.

Some of Mr. Barganier’s clients include the GA Department of Corrections, City of Griffin, City of Columbus, Jasper County Schools to name a few.

Mr. Barganier believes that quality service is always followed by financial success and this is what has helped him be successful and in business and in his personal life.  He personally believes that his faith in God and treating every man as an equal has allowed him to achieve great success across socio-economic barriers.