Kelton Alexander

Kelton Alexander

Kelton “Gazelle Boss-I-Quit” Alexander

“Bring us your dreams and I’ll help you do the rest.” “Major problems that provide major solutions make major money.” Everything rises and falls on leadership.” “Nothing of significant value was ever achieved by an individual acting alone.” “The system is the solution.”

These are the tenets of Kelton “Gazelle Boss-I-Quit” Alexander, professionally known as a telecommuting, internet lifestyle, teacher, leader, mentor and coach of master connectors, leadership developers, and professional team builders that engineer the careers and professions of the baby boomers, MTV and millenial workforce. These professional experts are accelerating the process of their goals and restoring their dreams, by the power of personal branding, relationship building, strengthening brand loyalties, qualifying sales leads, boosting customer communications and gaining more referrals more easily. Kelton helps leaders save time, travel and money by training them how to hold and sell live trainings and webinars that reduce advertising costs. His work helps professional experts to increase their response rates while keeping customers and prospects coming back to the brands they represent or have created, because they are marketing themselves more effectively. “I show you how to stand out from the rest with a “wow factor” that wins more business and attention, outperforms expectations with others, and I help you outshine all the “noise” on social media sites, smart phone texts and in emails.”

Kelton develops visionary leaders to create the lifestyles they deserve and restore their hopes in this 21st century digital global economy that makes a lot of things obsolete more rapidly than ever before. “It’s vital to work by a purpose that is fueled by cutting edge technologies, because there are two types of workers in the connected world we live in today. Those that know how to make money on the internet, and those that don’t. My mission is to help career professionals stomp out the digital divide that is causing income inequality globally, and to cross over the technology chasms that have become like “silent killers.” So we enlighten leaders caught up in “average-ordinary” see better ways to achieve “extra-ordinary” things that they can see in their minds that they haven’t achieved yet better known as their dreams. And I think its important to have much respect for the process of things, because you don’t usually see things how they WILL become, WHILE they are becoming. But when you do see that those things that you dream about have happened for you, you gain amazing confidence.”

After high school, Kelton served his country in two branches of service between 1987 and 1996: the U.S. Air Force first, and then the U.S. Marines. “People ask me which of the branches I served in do I most identify with. I tell them for the lifestyle, the Air Force. But for the prestige and the brotherhood, its the Marines and it’s not even close.” Once he left the military for the second time, he moved to Atlanta Ga. “When I got out of the Marine Corps, a friend of mine I served with invited me to come to Atlanta during the Winter of 95. I fell in love with the city and dreamed of going to the Summer Olympics that was coming in 96. I didn’t want to miss that. So I found a job as a warehouse manager in midtown Atlanta for a cable contractor and I worked full time while waiting to establish residency to go to college. In 1996, Kelton enrolled full time at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw GA to pursue a management information systems degree. “I knew my communication and technology skills would be a 50k to 100k a year value and I would be on pace for a happy life.” But because I also had a background as a recording artist, I went to Georgia State in downtown Atlanta and took classes in the recording industry.

And then a phone call changed the course of his destiny. “I got a call from a financial services manager that called me and asked me if I wanted to earn part time, spare time or full time income. Well the job I had lost its contract so I was out of work, and so I went and took a look. I learned about how money works, and how important it was to be my own boss. I got so excited by the entrepreneur bug that I built a sales and recruiting team of 15 people in record time for that office. I never looked back at college for my junior year, and I’ve been self employed and building teams since the year 2000, mainly by passion and enthusiasm for whatever I put my hands to do.”

Kelton then moved on to create corporate offices of direct sales leaders to establish brand loyalty for companies like Samonsite, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Disney, Looney Tunes, NFL, MLB, and many other brands among the small business communities throughout the southeastern U.S; Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Virginia. He has a keen ability to intrepret solutions to human resource problems and develop plans for improvement for the small business and start ups of the world, by sharing practical systematic principles for organizational change management. “There is a difference between coaching and mentoring. Coaches inspire you to do, what mentors show you to do, to ensure that you implement the strategies you need for development.”

Kelton has developed the ability to quickly evolve from coach, to mentor, to trusted advisor status among the leaders he meets. His current project is called The Technology Institute Of Professional Organizations. These institutes are leveraged, profitable, duplicable prototypes that work through proven communication, leadership and collaboration methodologies. He then teaches them how to facilitate global, digital collaboration and profit among their human resources across the board of personality differences.

In 2015, Kelton was called and led by God away from Atlanta to Southern California to create his first prototype of leadership development for Christian business leaders which has been very successful as it has grown from 2 organizations to dozens in swift and graceful fashion. Together, by the power of a world’s first online video based technology, that incorporates the top ten internet and social media marketing strategies for the small to medium sized business sector, those leaders are now launching digital marketing campaigns, projects, and road trips with better tactical objectives, energy, focus and drive. His focus is on building entrepreneurial consultancy teams of leaders that install and share a powerful and dynamic all in one video marketing business development “software as a service” platform that increases the economic value of their brands, products, services or causes by six and seven figures in profit.”

Kelton is currently an advocate of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education Coalition also known as STEM. He is divorced with 3 young adult children and 1 young child, 3 girls and 1 boy.

Recent Awards

Video Monster Of The Year Award, Talk Fusion U.S. Core Leadership Team, Breakthrough Technology Conference, Miami FL Jan 15-16th 2016

State Of California Senate, 20th District, Certificate Of Recognition, Leadership Within Your Communities And Beyond, 15th Annual MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast, Jan 18th, 2016

State Of California Senate, 23rd District,  Certificate Of Recognition, Volunteer Work,  15th Annual MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast, Jan 18th, 2016

U.S. House Of Representatives, 31st Congressional District, Certificate Of Special Congressional Recognition, Volunteer, 15th Annual MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast, Jan 18th, 2016

U.S. House Of Representatives, 35th Congressional District, Certificate Of Special Congressional Recognition, Invaluable Community Service Award, 15th Annual MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast, Jan 18th, 2016

California State Assembly, 52nd District, Certificate Of Recognition, Dedication & Community Commitment, 15th Annual MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast, Jan 18th, 2016

California State Assembly, 40th District, Volunteer Award, Commendable Commitment, 15th Annual MLK Jr. Unity Breakfast, Jan 18th, 2016