Nathaniel Bronner Jr.

Nathaniel Bronner Jr.

Nathaniel Bronner Jr. is one of the six sons of the founder of Bronner Bros., the late Dr. Nathaniel Bronner Sr.

Nathaniel Bronner Jr. has a varied business life.

He is Executive Vice President of Bronner Bros., makers of BB Hair Products sold in over 25,000 stores across America and producers of the Bronner Bros. Beauty Show, the largest multicultural show of its kind. BB and other Bronner brands are among the nation’s top hair care lines and are sold in salons and major retail stores nationwide.

Nathaniel is the founder and president of Century Systems, a multi-million dollar company that specializes in manufacturing and marketing products developed by Nathaniel and his brother James outside of the hair care industry. Century Systems products are currently sold in over 10,000 health food stores and can be found in GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Rite Aid and many other stores. The company’s philosophy, history and products can be seen on the internet at The woman stands for “The Power of Mother Nature”. Nathaniel has remained committed to a healthful way of life for himself and others.

He was the first African American to receive a degree in chemistry from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida and used that knowledge to develop many hair care and other items on major retail shelves today.

He and his brother Bernard formed the Bronner Bros. singing group in 1984. They had three records that made Billboard’s top 100.

He was on the founding board of directors of First Southern Bank.

Nathaniel Bronner also has a very active life. He was ordained, married and began as Co-Pastor of The Ark of Salvation in Atlanta all in one weekend. He was ordained on Friday, Sept. 23, 1994, married on Saturday, Sept. 24th, and began as Co-Pastor on Sunday, Sept. 25th. In 1999 he became the Senior Pastor of The ARK of Salvation.

Pastor Nathaniel writes a daily inspirational e-mail called MountainWings
at MountainWings. MountainWings has sent over
500 million inspirational messages by email and still sends a powerful
message each day.

He is married to Simone Bronner and they have four sons, Nathaniel
Bronner III-20, Josees-18, Christian-15 and George-11.

Nathaniel has developed over 60 hair care products, made three musical
albums, a miraculous CD that brings amazing peace, sleep and healing to
the spirit and body at He has developed two computer
programs, written five books that can be seen at and
developed many products outside of the hair care field.

Brothers of The Word, the televised broadcast of The Ark of Salvation
service airs nationally and internationally several times per week.

Pastor Nathaniel believes in the health of the spirit, the health of the mind,
and the health of the body. He has a healing ministry calling; not just in the
laying on of hands, but in the changing of habits to keep people from
getting sick in the first place. For God wants us to prosper and be in health.

Pastor Nathaniel’s second book called “QUICK FASTING” is in the seventh
printing and deals with proper instructions for fasting. It is FREE to read on
web and is read by thousands each month. “QUICK FASTING” will not only
change how you fast, but will likely change your life. If you ever intend to

Nathaniel is from a family dedicated to serving God. The family is also
dedicated to uplifting people, helping us look better, feel better, prosper
better and have the fullness of the life, health, prosperity and joy of God.

Keep up with his adventures and projects by following him on social media
at his website which is his name, Nathaniel Bronner dot com.

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