MARCH 16, 2023 6PM


2007 Press Release

2007 Press Release

Georgia minority business awards

Thurs. MARCH 16, 2023 . 6pm - 8:30pm

PRESS RELEASE: Vision is the catalyst for the formation and implementation of all things successful. The Atlanta Business Journal magazine in conjunction with its title sponsor Lexus of South Atlanta presents the 10th edition of the Georgia Minority Business Awards dinner, which has blossomed, into one of the leading multi-cultural forums of affirmation and recognition awards in the state of Georgia. The Georgia Minority Business Awards recognizes businesses and business people for their outstanding contributions to community development, sales growth, longevity and personal accomplishments. Corporate CEO’s are asked to be keynote speakers dealing with subjects such as diversity and the digital divide. In addition, GMBA also gives scholarships to business schools and institutions from funds raised to augment, encourage and facilitate future growth of developing young minds in the areas of high tech and business school development to meet the demands of the twenty first century.

Companies and corporations are helping to promote the ideals of the Atlanta Business Journal in business networking and scholarships, as well as fostering awareness among peers in this diverse multi-cultural arena of business. Sponsors such as Lexus of South Atlanta, Lockheed Martin, Duane Morris, LLC, Georgia Power /Southern Company, State Farm, Wyndham Hotel Group, Pepsi Bottling Group and Pfizer along with very influential people in the political arena aid in the growing popularity of the event.

The event will be hosted by Korean Television Network, Vice President of Business Development and anchor, Susan K. Sim.

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