MARCH 16, 2023 6PM


Juan Manuel Ramirez Gutierrez

Juan Manuel Ramirez Gutierrez

Georgia minority business awards

Thurs. MARCH 16, 2023 . 6pm - 8:30pm

Juan Manuel Ramirez Gutierrez

Multi-Cultural Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Title: President/CEO
Company: Wood Trim, LLC

Juan Ramirez was born in august 25, 1969 in Mexico. He was the oldest of 8 children, which meant he had to work at an early age to help put food on the table. He later joined the Mexican military which he soon realized it was not for him and started doing carpentry. Carpentry came naturally to Juan as he had learned a few things when he was younger, it was his calling.

Juan met Maricruz at a job they both worked at and soon got married and had their first two children. Shortley after the kids were born, he decided it would be better if he immigrated to United States to give his kids a better life, one he did not have. Coming to United States with no money, not knowing the language or the culture Juan had to work twice as hard and eventually founded his own company known as Wood Trim Expert. He struggled for many years, but eventually all the hard work paid off.

Juan has not only helped his family, but his entire community back in Mexico. He started a dance school for young kids, build a banquet hall for events the town may have, build an apartment complex, build his two houses & bought more real estate for future projects. He does all this so he can provide jobs for his town. He may not know it all, but he always figures a way to do the job. Juan is the definition of a real American dream.