MARCH 16, 2023 6PM


Lakita Backum

Lakita Backum

Georgia minority business awards

Thurs. MARCH 16, 2023 . 6pm - 8:30pm

Lakita Backum

Company: Ecovert Wallet

Ecovert Wallet, powered by the Ecovert Payment Platform, comprised of 8 products and services replaces the traditional pocket wallet and used as an ubtegrated desjtio if sikytuib ti serve B2C2P by offering global exchange capabilities for fiat and crypto, yield farming, billing/payment solutions, point-of-sale, Microstocks (investment and savings; interoperability to partner with banks or wallets, user-centric wealth management for all with a built-in marketing strategy. Yes, the Ecovert Wallet is a super app. The name Ecovert is derivative of the terms ecosystem and conversion. The Ecovert Wallet impacts local communities by creating a socio-econonmic infrastructure for converting individuals, banks and businesses into usung digital currencies.