MARCH 16, 2023 6PM


Shandry Law

Shandry Law

Georgia minority business awards

Thurs. MARCH 16, 2023 . 6pm - 8:30pm

John Lu International Business of the Year Award

Title: President
Company: Farmers Market Restaurants

Shandry Law (Founder) The support structure in Goodwin’s initiative and management evangelist in his business initiatives is known for her revolutionary business development and creative thinking skills. She completed her education in Interior Designing and in 1989 relocated to United States. Along with
Goodwin, her husband she managed and developed Cajun Grill QSR Concept and FUJI Japanese Teppanyaki helped Goodwin to establish and operationally manage restaurants at 4 additional locations. With Shandry’s assistance, Farmer’s Basket, founded in 1998 by her husband, now has 9 established
locations. Goodwin Law (Founder) is her husband Executive Chef and then to start his own restaurant business with like -minded people in his surroundings. He completed his bachelors of science in Civil and Water Resource Engineering from University of Guelph, Ontario Canada. Upon graduation he worked for
multiple corporate & private firms as a Civil Engineer for more than five years.

It was In 1989, when he migrated with his wife to United States of America for opportunities and discovered his love for food and started his restaurant business. Over 29 years of experience
in food and beverage industry has given him vast experience in local studies, predicting concept feasibilities by studying market demands, financial forecasting and business development. Until 1994 he continued his passion in restaurant business and spread his business at 4 locations with inception of Cajun Grill QSR Concept and Fuji Japanese Teppanyaki by 2005. His brain child concept of providing comfort food made out of local ingredients began In 1998.

With Shandry’s assistance, Farmer’s Basket, founded in 1998 by her husband, now has 9 established locations and today it is generating $8 Million sales revenue. Together they are working on their upcoming venture, a Thai cafe concept in a Non-Traditional location. She currently is the president of Chinese-American Lions Club of Atlanta and the chairwoman of CACPG. She is also the Vice Presi-
dent of the Chinese Community Center of Atlanta (CCC), Kwong Tong Association (KTA) and Asian Pacific American Advocates (OCA). She is a board member of the and the Chinese Business Association of Atlanta (CBAA). The National Association of Chinese-Americans (NACA), and many others as well. All of her time contributing to society has earned her many awards, such as the 2018 WWAAC Asian Community Business Leadership Award, 25 most influential Asian Americans in Georgia (2015. 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) and the 2019 OCA Community Service & Enterpreneaur Achievement Award. Contributing to society us her life goal and guiding them towards a brighter future providing people with fresh and healthy food.