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Georgia minority business awards

Thurs. MARCH 16, 2023 . 6pm - 8:30pm

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Creed W. Pannell Jr.

Entrepreneur, Author & Philanthropist

Creed Pannell, Jr. has a background as an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. With a reputation as a true visionary, he is recognized in the business community as an astute and influential business man that’s paving the way for others to reach the highest levels of entrepreneurship and to fulfill their own career aspirations. His passion and experience for growing business relationships has fostered trusted business contacts from around the globe.

As a business pioneer, Creed launched several successful start-ups including the CEO of Pannell Sales, Inc., a manufacturing sales rep firm specializing in black hair products where reps had the opportunity to sell and represent each of their own product lines including Bronner Bros. & Soft Sheen Care Free Curl. He later created the National Sales Rep organization in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Since that time, he formed the largest Black Bridal Show in the US focusing on blacks in the bridal industry and paving the way to ensure that black brides and models be featured in magazines. Also, during that time period, the Atlanta Metro publication, the Atlanta NewsLeader newspaper and the Clayton Leader newspaper was created focusing on educating, business ownership and inspiring the African American community.

Today, Creed is the owner of several businesses including:

CEO GMBA – Georgia Minority Business Awards – Celebrating 23 Years
The Georgia Minority Business Awards propels the vision in the 23rd century recognizing minority businesses from all over the world helping to generate awareness about the positive changes and the collective successes of the multi-cultural communities. Annually, fifteen awards and one non-profit award is presented to individuals who exemplify leadership, commitment to industrious and professional growth, charity towards their fellow man and most importantly their belief in living “success.”

CEO GCA – Gospel Choice Awards – Celebrating 25 Years
The Gospel Choice Awards (GCA) has always been described as one of the most star-studded, foot stomping and soul stirring events in Atlanta focusing on God, Family, Music and Love. The GCA pays tribute to today’s most influential and iconic artists, ministers and business owners. It is the 3rd largest gospel awards show in the country.

Publisher ABJ – Atlanta Business Journal Magazine – Celebrating 30 Years
The Atlanta Business Journal is the premier business magazine in Atlanta that delivers the market’s most complete package of business news and information on Atlanta companies, industries and business people. The magazine also covers real estate, banking and finance, health care, technology, tourism, professional services and more. The target business audience is over 3 million people via the website and publication.

CEO BDI – Business Development Initiative – Non Profit – Celebrating 10 Years
Business Development Initiative School introduces youth to becoming entrepreneurs by providing the tools, resources, and support needed to ensure a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood. The students gain knowledge on how to become active community leaders and business owners in their communities. The school also creates multiple pathways to success in the classroom and with Fortune 500 business leaders from across the world.

Author – The Game Plan of Entrepreneur – Celebrating 7 Years
This book inspires and offers a more practical approach for entrepreneurs–a journey that can be very rewarding, yet challenging. The Game Plan of Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity for you to update your resume in life as you build your business, stirred by the constant desire to create and seek new ideas for growth and change. Most importantly, the journey provides an opportunity to create and leave a legacy for generations to carry on. This book answers many of your questions, and serves as a “checklist” that will help you to lay a foundation to “step out on faith” and find the entrepreneur within.

Boomers Expo 2015
The Boomer Expo will be enjoying its 4th year. The Boomers Expo will focus on technology, travel, medical and healthcare for seniors who make up about 40 percent of the nation’s population. Due to the economic decline, the rising costs of living, food and healthcare, and higher incidences of unemployment or underemployment, combined with the extended lifecycle of Baby Boomers, there is a higher demand for information and options for Baby Boomers across America.

Creed has served on the boards of a number of organizations including the Concerned Black Clergy of metro Atlanta and the Apex Museum to name a few. He is the recipient of numerous awards over the years in Philadelphia, Jacksonville and Atlanta.

To say the least, Creed strives to encourage minorities to focus on ownership and partnership in business ventures that are available today. His inspiration comes from seeing black people globally be successful business owners. His legacy continues to grow as he build, teach and reach others to be a part of this exciting entrepreneurial growth opportunity. His motto is “Have fun in whatever you pursue in business” and “Live to work not work to live!”