The Georgia Minority Business Awards committee is mandated to evolve and effect change to sustain and propel the vision in this 21st century. The awards sponsoring magazine, the Atlanta Business Journal is proud to serve as a catalyst for a new generation of business owners which notably serve as a valuable trend indicator in “Building Cultural and Global Relationships.”

I take this opportunity on behalf of the Atlanta Business Journal and the committee of the Georgia Minority Business Awards to welcome all of you as we embrace diversity, overcome cultural obstacles and continue to build global relationships. The amalgamation of minds forms partnerships thus creating common ground for success and achievement.

Fifteen awards and one non-profit award will be presented shortly to individuals who exemplify leadership, commitment to industrious and professional growth, charity towards their fellow man but most importantly their belief in living “success.” — Congratulations!

The names, Atlanta Business Journal and Georgia Minority Business Awards reflects our dedication to help generate awareness about the positive changes and the collective successes of the multi-cultural communities and we look forward to continuing to share and recognize those collective successes for years to come.


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